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Parents’ Association of Cambridge (PAC)

If you are new to Cambridge School, welcome!  One of the things that makes Cambridge School so successful is the support of parents and families.  At Cambridge School, our volunteer parents’ organization is the Parents Association of Cambridge (PAC).

Parent volunteers help provide assistance to the school in a variety of ways ranging from:

  • Organizing social gatherings
  • Assisting with class celebrations
  • Encouraging literacy (book fairs, book swaps, read-a-thons)
  • Running the school uniform exchange

All parents are most welcome to join PAC and to assist as their schedules permit.

If you would like to join PAC and volunteer to help with any activities for the school year, please click on the button below.
Join PAC
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Ice Cream Social & Uniform Exchange Open

Click Here to RSVP

September 7, 2017

Noon- 1:00 PM


Back to School Night Parent Reception

Click Here to RSVP

September 27, 2017

5:30- 7:00 pm


Lower/Middle School PAC

General Meetings- All Welcome!

If attending, please have your child report to aftercare while we finish up our meeting. Ms. Henderek has kindly offered to watch our kids for free during our meeting time.

September 15th    2:00- 3:15 pm

January 5th           2:00- 3:15 pm

April 6th                2:00- 3:15 pm

PAC Leadership

Board Members

Lower School and Middle School Executive Board for 2017-2018


Margaret Marran ( Amy, Middle School, Email: mmarran@live.com )

Vice President

Melissa Orbe ( Kyle, Lower School; Lauren, Upper School )


Lisa Daly ( Kyle, Middle School )


Charlie McGraw ( Caroline, Lower School )

Upper School Family Greeter

Amity Bryson ( Brady, Upper School )

Lower and Middle School Family Greeter

Jen Nolte ( Julia Nolte, Lower School )


Lower and Middle School Chairperson Directory

(To volunteer for open positions and to help with events and activities, please visit our SignUp Genius page before October 1, 2017.)

Uniform Exchange

Lisa Daly ( Kyle, Middle School )

Ice Cream Social

Irene and Charlie McGraw ( Caroline, Lower School )

Back to School Night Reception


PAC School Directory

Margaret Marran ( Amy, Middle School )

       Lisa Daly ( Kyle, Middle School )

Kim Keenan/Document Depot ( Lydia, Lower School )

Book Fair

Margaret Marran ( Amy, Middle School )

Co-Chair position OPEN – If interested in serving, please contact Margaret at mmarran@live.com.

Performing Arts Chair

Margaret Marran ( Amy, Middle School )

Heather Coiro ( Sarah and Sophia, Middle School )

Sports Chair


Lower School Social


Middle School Social


Staff Appreciation Luncheon


Family Picnic


Yearbook Facilitator


Family Picnic


Upper School Executive Board for 2017-2018


Juli & Kelly Stephenson ( Clare, Upper School, Email: Julie_stephenson@mac.com, Email: Julie.m.stephenson@medtronic.com )


Liz Barnes ( Mary, Upper School )

Upper School Greeter

Amity Bryson ( Brady, Upper School )

Common Ground Representatives

Hilary Jersey ( Isaac, Middle School)

Heather Coiro ( Sarah and Sophia, Middle School )

       Sumeera Baig ( Zainab, Upper School )

Cambridge School is a participating member of Common Ground, a collaborative effort of thirteen Princeton area independent schools and their parents’ associations.  Common Ground sponsors lectures featuring speakers in the field of education and parenting issues.
Uniform Exhange

Uniform Exchange

Shirts are $5.00 and sweaters, sweatshirts and fleeces are $8.00.  Please email Lisa Daly to set up an appointment to shop the Uniform Exchange after school at: dalylesson@gmail.com