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Dress Code

Cambridge School has a dress code. Students are required to wear school uniform tops Monday through Thursday of each week. Fridays are designated as casual days when students may wear clean, neat, non-uniform clothing of their choice. If clothing is deemed inappropriate for school, students will be asked to change.

It is also a good idea to keep a change of clothing for your child in his/her cubby, in a sealed and labeled bag, in case clothes become wet or muddied during the day.

Uniform and Dress Code Details

Our uniform includes tops only, pants and skirts may be purchase at your choice of store following the specifications below. Uniform tops with the school logo are available from Land’s End and may be applied to items in the catalog that are available in navy, white or yellow/maize (Cambridge School colors). Visit the Lands’ End section of our website for ordering information.   Please note there is an additional fee for the embroidering of the “Cambridge School” logo onto shirts, dresses and sweatshirts.

  • Shirts

Either long or short sleeve, in navy, white or maize.  The Cambridge School logo is to appear on the pocket or pocket position.

Upper School students can wear collared long or short sleeve from the approved shirt selection through Lands’ End. They can also wear the polo shirts in maize, navy, and white, as well as light blue.

  • Sweatshirts

Either with or without a hood, solid navy, white or maize with the Cambridge School logo on them.  Cambridge Spirit Wear sweatshirts are also acceptable. These also come in grey.

  • Sweaters

Solid navy, white or maize with the Cambridge School logo.

  • Pants

Full length, well-fitted, neat, clean and without holes (do not need to be from Lands’ End) khakis and/or chinos in tan or navy color.  Capri pants are permitted. Solid color tan or navy shorts may be worn in the fall and spring. Shorts should be no shorter than the length of a student’s fingers when standing straight with hands at the side.   Solid white, beige, or dark colored leggings/stockings only may be worn beneath skirts.

  • Dresses and Skirts

Navy or tan colored are permitted.  Skirts are to be worn with a Cambridge School top.  Dresses and skirts should be no shorter than the length of a student’s fingers when standing straight with hands at the side.

  • Shoes

Lower School I – Middle School II students are requested to keep a pair of indoor shoes or slippers at school.  All Lower and Middle School Students are required to keep a pair of white-soled sneakers at school for use in the gym.

MSIII and MSIV students should wear flat soled shoes or sneakers at school.


  • Physical Education Days (LS-MSIV ONLY)

Students should wear appropriate attire for physical education including navy, gray, and khaki colored shorts only (not cutoffs), sneakers, and a Cambridge T-shirt. A Cambridge Spirit Wear T-Shirt can also be worn.  Please remember that even on gym days, shorts need to be no shorter than fingertip length, as described above.  Students are required to keep a pair of non-marking sneakers at school for use in the gym. Navy or gray sweatshirts and sweatpants are optional.  They may be purchased through Lands’ End or a store of your choice. No jeans are permitted on gym days.

PAC Uniform Exchange Information

Shirts are $5.00 and sweaters, sweatshirts and fleeces are $8.00.  Please email the PAC Uniform Exchange Representative to set up an appointment to shop the Uniform Exchange after school.