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Cambridge School was founded on the belief that every child deserves the opportunity for an excellent education. We are committed to providing that education in a warm, nurturing and individualized learning environment for children who learn differently. Our mission is to prepare each student with the necessary academic, personal and social skills to succeed.

Dreams Achieved

About our school for Dyslexia and other language-based learning differences

  • ADHD
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Executive Function challenges

Cambridge School is an extraordinary place where children who learn differently thrive. Our program is built on evidence-based research and a student-centered approach to education that provides an individualized and specialized, yet comprehensive school experience.

So why should you choose Cambridge School for your child?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • We’re an independent day school that specializes in learning differences — including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and auditory processing disorder, among others.

  • We are fully accredited by the Middles States Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools.

  • We have a total student enrollment of approximately 135 children, ranging in grades from K-12, with a 4:1 faculty-to-student ratio.

  • We offer an academically rigorous curriculum covering all major subject areas.

  • All of our teachers are Language Specialists who are Level One Certified in the Wilson® Reading Program and trained in Orton-Gilllingham, the Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes™, Hochman Writing Program, and Framing Your Thoughts®.

  • We provide language instruction three periods per day for 45 minutes.

  • Our teachers use direct, explicit instruction with multi-sensory teaching methods to increase learning.

  • Our classrooms use state-of-the-art technology — including SmartBoards™, Promethean boards, Chromebooks, and a variety of online platforms and programs to enhance learning.

  • We offer Advanced Placement coursework to meet the needs of each individual child.

  • We integrate numerous field trips into the curriculum for experiential learning.

  • We offer competitive sports — including basketball, soccer, cross-country, golf, and more.

  • We have well-established performing and visual arts, with a winter play, spring musical, instrumental music lessons, hand bells and more.

  • We offer onsite special services including occupational therapy, speech and language, and Social Cognitive Strategies™.

Most of all thank you for loving my children like they were your own. There is no other school in the world that would do that. Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate! With love and heartfelt appreciation.

Middle School Parent, 2020
Welcome to Cambridge Schools

Head of School Welcome

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Cambridge School faculty and staff, I extend a warm welcome to you as you browse our website.  Cambridge School truly is a school where children who learn differently thrive.  As you virtually tour our classrooms, you will experience brief glimpses of Cambridge’s professional, innovative and nurturing educational environment.

The Cambridge language based curriculum is founded on evidence-based research, and emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, metacognition, and executive function development.   Our teachers and therapists are expertly trained language specialists who build nurturing relationships in their work with students. Their innovative use of technology creates immersive learning experiences for students in all grade levels and across all curriculums. We offer a comprehensive educational program that supports the whole child.  Though academics are paramount, we also offer a vibrant arts program, a well-established athletic program, and a variety of extracurricular personal interest clubs to round out their school experience.

Students diagnosed with language-based learning differences are often misunderstood and therefore underserved in other educational environments.  At Cambridge School we understand the nature of their learning profile and develop a rigorous educational program for them that allows them to succeed, both personally and academically.  Together our faculty and administration work to build an educational environment that promotes the students creative strengths, fosters out-of-the-box thinking, and encourages resilience and kindness.

My personal experience at Cambridge School has spanned from a long tenure as a Speech and Language Pathologist, to my current role as Head of School.  In both capacities I have witnessed the tremendous academic and personal growth made by the students who are fortunate to become a part of the Cambridge School experience.  The expertise of the teachers and therapists is surpassed only by the devotion and compassion they employ in working with their students.  These are the qualities that are commonplace at Cambridge School, yet are so difficult to capture online.

If you are searching for the door to a brighter future for your student and are intrigued by what you see, I invite you to contact us to schedule a personal visit and tour.  It is only then that you will fully experience the richness and depth of the Cambridge School environment.


Ellen Gonzales, CCC-SLP

Head of School

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