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An Independent, Nurturing Special Education School in Pennington, NJ

Cambridge School, located in Pennington, NJ, (Princeton area) is an independent special education school for children who have been diagnosed with primary language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, ADHD, and auditory processing disorder, among others. However, we are not like other dyslexia schools or learning disability schools; we believe that our students have learning differences, not learning disabilities. Cambridge School focuses on providing the most positive educational opportunities for our students by catering to each student's strengths and individual learning style. Students with language-based learning differences require individualized attention, and as a special needs school, Cambridge School offers a curriculum that is specifically designed to help students overcome their challenges while supporting and encouraging the pursuits in which they excel.

Cambridge is a special education school just for children with dyslexia or language-based disorders. Our campus is located in the Princeton, NJ area, though our students come from all over New Jersey, such as Mercer County, and parts of Pennsylvania, particularly Bucks County.

The Cambridge School Blog

The Cambridge School Blog

Welcome to the Cambridge School Blog!

Everything we do at Cambridge School is based on research. This blog serves to explore some of the things we do at Cambridge and the research that supports them. In addition, we post analysis of new and interesting articles, books, and studies that touch on topics of interest to our students and parents. Please check back often! You can follow our blog on the web or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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