2023 Summer Study Registration
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Please review the Program Catalog below, indicate your selections at the bottom of the page. Your tuition will be billed directly to your TADS account.

If you do not have a TADS account, please make checks payable to Cambridge School.

Please Note: If your child is placed here by your school district, or through a settlement agreement, attendance in the Summer Program should be discussed at your child’s IEP meeting, AND we ask that you complete this form in its entirety.

Morning Programs

The morning Summer Study Program consists of research based programs to improve language, reading, writing, and math.

Academic Enrichment

Grades: K-9
8:45AM – 12:00PM, Monday thru Friday
Monday, June 26th – Friday, July 21st (four weeks)
Cost: $2,928.00

Afternoon Programs

Please note the grade levels for Afternoon Program offerings.
Afternoon Intensive: Adventure Club

This program is facilitated by Ms. Caroline Martin

Grades: K-5
1:00p.m. - 3:00p.m., Monday thru Thursday
Monday, June 26th - Thursday, July 20th (four weeks)
Cost:  $1,100.00

This afternoon program keeps students actively engaged in exploring the great outdoors. Students will take day trips and explore local outdoor attractions. The Adventure Club strives to promote teamwork, curiosity, self-confidence and learning through fun and engaging summer activities.

Afternoon Intensive: Therapy Program

This program is facilitated by Cambridge Speech and Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapist.

Grades: 5-9
1:00p.m. - 3:00p.m., Monday thru Thursday
Monday, June 26th - Thursday, July 20th (four weeks)
Cost: $2,132.00

Please join our expert team of Cambridge Speech/Language and Occupational Therapists for an intensive and individualized summer therapy program.  This summer our therapists will be exploring the wonder of nature with your child. This afternoon intensive program will explore nature while also addressing the skills of writing, executive function, reading comprehension and successful work production. Your student will work in a small group with one of our Speech and Language Pathologists for a one-hour session and our Occupational Therapist for another hour session. We are excited to offer this unique interdisciplinary approach to improving your child’s language, writing, and executive function skills.