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Cambridge School, in partnership with the Pennington School, is sponsoring a chapter of Eye-to-Eye. Eye-to-Eye is the only national mentoring movement that pairs kids with learning disabilities and ADHD with high school and college students who have the same differences.

How the Program Works

The Pennington SchoolUsing an arts-based curriculum, our mentors help their mentees to value their unique minds by building their self-esteem and giving them the skills to become self-advocates. Research shows that the most important element in the success of “labeled” individuals is not IQ or academic achievement, but self-esteem. Eye-to-Eye’s mission is to give younger labeled students confidence by bringing a mentor into their lives who can model success and empower younger students to imagine a positive future for themselves.

Benefits For Students

Eye-to-Eye mentors aim to provide their mentees with skills that facilitate academic empowerment and success in life:

  • Mentors work with students to become positive self-advocates for their needs as learners.
  • Mentors engage their mentees in an ongoing conversation about their learning styles and help them develop an asset-based understanding of their learning.

Beyond the work of academic empowerment, the Eye-to-Eye programming model relies on the use of art, broadly defined, as a medium of empowerment. Through art, Eye-to-Eye participants have the opportunity to access their gift for project-based, spatial, tactile/kinetic, and interpersonal learning. The experience of art empowers students to develop their strengths and validates the unique gifts that are often ignored in a traditional educational paradigm. The use of art enables both the students and mentors to participate in a dialogue about social and personal change, empowering them to envision a different educational experience for themselves.