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Lunch Options

Smart Lunches LogoCambridge is excited to offer the option to order lunch through Smart Lunches.  Smart Lunches offers healthy meals created by certified nutritionists. The chefs and nutritionists at Smart Lunches create large, varied lunch menus filled with tasty hot and cold main dishes, sides, snacks, soups and drinks. The recipes are all 100% nut-free, nutrient-dense, sensible about salt and sugar, and served in portion sizes appropriate for kids of several different age groups.

When you are ready to being ordering, you need to create an account on smartlunches.com. Once you account is created you can order lunches for the week or month. Each morning, local caterers prepare your child’s lunch and then it is delivered to school in time for your child to enjoy at lunchtime.  Each meal is delivered to school in eco-friendly packaging that keeps hot items hot and cold items cold with minimal environmental impact.

Convenient for You

Smart Lunches takes lunch-packing off your plate. You can set up a monthly plan based on your child’s schedule, and then you don’t have to touch it again, unless you want to.

Healthy for Your Child

Smart Lunches meals are designed to offer the correct calorie count and nutrient mix for your child’s age. They’re sensible about fats, salt, and sugar. Fresh fruits and vegetables are included as sides with every meal.


Smart Lunches’ menu is 100% nut-free, and all lunches are prepared in a ServSafe-certified professional kitchen. Special Smart Lunches meal plans are available to meet a range of dietary needs, including (in addition to nut-free): gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, sesame-free, soy-free and seafood-free.

Taste and Variety

Smart Lunches’ menu options change daily, and always include a selection of hot lunches, cold lunches, soups and salads. Everything on the menu has been taste-tested with both kids and parents.

When you visit the Smart Lunches website you can create an account to see the menu they’ve customized for our students. If you have any questions or comments on the program, Smart Lunches offers excellent customer service at 1-888-25-SMART or info@smartlunches.com.
Visit SmartLunches.com