Head of School Welcome

Cambridge School is a School for Children Who Learn Differently

Dear Friends,

Cambridge School, a school for children who learn differently, is an extraordinary place. The students we serve are capable of such amazing things; yet, they are often underserved in other environments. At Cambridge School, children with learning differences are understood and we offer them what they need to succeed, both personally and academically. We build on the strengths that these children so often possess — creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, resilience, and kindness.

At Cambridge School, students receive a solid academic foundation that is founded on evidence-based research and emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, executive function, and metacognitive skills. Our classrooms are small, structured, nurturing, and supported by cutting-edge technology.

While our student-centered approach to education provides a highly individualized and specialized experience for each child, we believe in providing a comprehensive program that supports the whole child. We do this by offering dynamic arts programs, a well-established athletics program, and a variety of extracurricular clubs.

The wonderful give-and-take relationship that exists between our students and faculty is something that I believe is unique to our school. Cambridge possesses an outstanding and expertly trained faculty of teachers and therapists. The professionalism, innovation, and energy they bring to our classrooms, as well as their care of the students is palpable.

Each year I stand in awe of the advances our students make in their learning, and the positive impact that it has on their self-esteem, happiness, desire to learn, and even their families. Year after year these successes build, creating exciting possibilities, and bright futures.

I invite you to learn more about Cambridge, a school for children who learn differently, by exploring this website. Then, contact us to schedule a visit and learn how Cambridge could be a door to a brighter future for your child.


James J. Maher III
Head of School